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Do you offer “drop-in” replacement coolers?
Absolutely. We have extensive Cross Reference sheets that cover numerous manufacturers and their part number catalogs.
Do you clean and/or repair gas tanks?
Unfortunately, no. We do however offer those services and many more for all your diesel tank needs.
What core thicknesses do you manufacture?
We can offer a wide variety of core options to you. We manufacture cores in any height and any width with thicknesses of 2.25”, 2.75”, 3.5”, 4.5” and 5.5”. These are the most common thicknesses, but not our limitations.
What is your average lead time?
We ship in 3-5 business days for all orders in which we have the core in stock. We ship in 7-10 business days for all orders requiring Cincinnati Radiator to manufacture a core for your application.
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